gtatools is a collection of cross-platform (currently officially Windows and Linux, but should run on other UNIXes without major changes) libraries and tools for working with the files of the GTA game series. Support is planned for the GTA III trilogy (III, Vice City, San Andreas).

WARNING: gtatools is currently highly experimental (read: enormously bugged, poorly tested and only partially implemented). Use it at your own risk. I mean it.

Source Code

The source code of gtatools is hosted on GitHub. The git repository code should be considered highly experimental.


You can find a guide for building gtatools here.


You can find some tips for using gtatools here.


Windows Binaries

These binaries were compiled from Git commit d77555e0762f5ee17039e425208e26e1b31b0546.

Windows Prebuilt Dependencies

These packages include most of the external libraries needed to compile gtatools from source, prebuilt for a particular platform.

Note that these packages do not include Qt. The Qt SDK has to be downloaded separately if you want to build gtatools-gui.


Some rather boring screenshots of gtatools in use can be seen here.


gtatools is licensed under the GNU General Public License 3.0 (GPLv3), or any later version of that license. This means that you are allowed to use, redistribute and modify gtatools as long as you comply to the terms of the GPLv3. In particular, this means if you link to gtatools' libraries, your program must be open-source, too. If you feel that you have some really good reasons for using gtatools in a closed-source project, please contact me via E-Mail.


Feel free to contact me via E-Mail under the following address: